There were more tweets in the Olympics’ first day than the entire 2008 Beijing Games.


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Wolff Olins designed it, Futurebrand implements it. Why has it failed to inspire? Erik Spiekerman questioned in a tweat.

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The biggest question faced by the human race by Nancy Abram (DLD Women in Munich) set in Olympic type.



James Bridle had a better idea of the New Aesthetic than both combined, olympic designer Wolff Olins and Future Brand.

A more compelling solution was introduced by Nancy Abram at the DLD Women conference in Munich, on how to even just get your hands around and help solve the biggest question faced by the human race.

But of course it is all about the games, equally imperative yet more important, it’s a huge opportunity to help the human race get ahead.

My point proven by Wieden+Kennedy with their #FINDGREATNESS pep rally for Nike.

Here‘s Simon Garfield’s rant on what so many seem to think about the Olympic font.

More of the same here by the Stone twins on the Amsterdam Ad Blog.

All missing the point unlike the entry you have just finished reading.

Thank you.