Olympic logos during the 70's

Olympic logos during the 70’s were credible even brilliant design.



Russian 2014 Sochi.ru

Omnipresent, readable and not raising questions, Russian’s Sochi emblem.



There two things I take away from John Brownlee’s depressing history of design crimes.

The first is that weak western coverage for this years olympic games couldn’t dampen the fun the Russian people are having and that their logo is one of the best and most fitting and be it for shying away from being of any embarrassment.

The second—despite my personal horrors of the German design nation falling behind in digital, is that apparently the German design nation deserves its worldwide reputation as the above Munich logo of 1972 indicates and this week’s logo introduction for the state of Schleswig-Holstein is further proof of, and proof for my favouring unjust comparison.

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Schleswig Holstein location campaign, "The real north".