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Here’s a good handfull of brilliant, new boutique shops. sporting world class accounts and excellent ad practitioners. All have long been on their way to accept and embrace new requirements placed on us by a global market and ever emerging new technologies—they won’t let themselves be fooled much longer by old world advertising:


I compiled this list of favorites in an attempt to get my hands around the game change in communication and marketing by putting out a dummy site in 2006 of how a global neighborhood ad shop could present herself online. Brief examination of the above business cases and how they are communicated, will likely provide you with a crystal clear view of new world marketing & communication and how to deal with game change in this, the best time in the history of advertising. Be it that you are a marketer, responsible for building your company’s brands and products, an advertising practitioner, student or professor at a leading art academy. Feel encouraged to go with the flow this one time.


What is with MECH, the forerunner communication house in Berlin?

Four years later, I sit and wonder why i did not list Helmut Sendlmeier’s Berlin MECH in the first place? Even though being there physically certainly provides the needed odor that makes the visitor think: “Uuugh, smells like teen spirit!”
MECH Berlin owns an international reputation as a forerunner business model for integrated communication. My much respected and favored art director, Daniel Jennewein executed one of his best works with his credentials site for MECH, which is no longer online. Take note that MECH is an incubator for great talent, Justin Townsend and Christian Vry set out from MECH to successfully launch IGA Worldwide and surpass MIcrosoft’s in-game-advertising model as Nr. 1.


Falling short from this shortlist

MECH simply falls short from being listed since it lacks the needed digital footprints and is simply not discoverable offsite by means of search results. I cannot find demonstrations of ideas that do as is particularly obvious with Poke.


  • No demonstrated integrated, offline ideas that do—”If the world zigs, zag” BBH never gets into trouble they are idea focused and that’s that
  • Lacking transparency, digital visibility—agencies require a curriculum [basic blog technology] for the knowledge transfer to take place internally and externally