What is supernormal design
Muskau Park, Europe’s largest English garden and the castle of Bad Muskau

Excentric Prince Pückler (1785–1871) in his own words meant to beautify his town with a magnificent and large garden. In 1815 he called on the citizens of Muskau to build a landscape park. As an author, he outsold the works of Goethe and was said to have written some 900 love letters in search of a rich heiress to help afford him his architectural aspirations. He also offered these love letters as reusable templates in an effort we would today refer to as scalable love letters.

The Prince Pickler-Park Muskau Foundation manage the largest landscape park in Europe and its Polish pendant separated by the rive Neisse, an area close to 2000 acres.

Muskau Park along the river Neiße on the eastern border of Germany makes for great example of supernorml design.
Supernormal Muskau Park Akumiszcza CC–BY 3.0


The sensation of normality
demonstrated along the river Neisse

This is cool. The Muskau Park (Polish: Park Mużakowski) along the border river Neisse (the German border to East of Eden) comprehensively and very clear exemplifies what Jasper Morrison and Naoto Fukasawa must mean by supernormal. A design that won’t make you believe it was ever designed but comes naturally.

A catchy song or bell I can’t help but have it subconsciously ring permanently in the back of my head, that has me deliver brand design close to feeling all natural despite it’s been designed. Even worse, I can now only call it an accomplishment as long as it resolves into behavior (transaction). And since I am suffering from this malady, I want the entire ad industry to suffer with me.