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quip electric toothbrush - Dental hygiene made easy.

quip electric toothbrush
Dental hygiene made easy.

Much like with a key visual, formerly a standard in classic advertising, a self explanatory display of the product is presented on first sight with all its core features. Visitors get so see a product that once again resembles the toothbrush they grew up with and are familiar with. And it’s not difficult to notice the vibrating brush head, sitting on a slim and handy battery shaft of a revamped electric toothbrush.

quip Logotype

The ‘q’ and ‘p’ significantly embraces ‘ui’, the abbreviation for user interface. It’s easy to hear the brand name sound like ‘equipment’.

Webseiten Details

Webseiten Details

One page websites tempt user more aggressively to act

Einseiter Webseite


An exemplary one-pager holds advantage for visitors and publishers alike. That of helping with the deletion of anything unnecessary. A one-pager is of great service with tossing out embarrassments and treacherous explanations. In the familiar fashion of unrolling an Egyptian papyrus role, features are detailed in brief scrolling or swiping down. Traditional websites, on the other hand, beat around the bush, possibly to increase visitor dwell time for the web statistics by disorientation.

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