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Liv Siddall interview with Christoph Niemann
Must read for anyone associated with the art of illustration. Those of you with a vested interest in design, the visit of the host site may result in a redo of your site.

The young illustrator gains practical insights.

Turn your attention to this interview with the prolific illustrator Christoph Niemann. Get a better handle on acquisition and public image. The 2H pencil, workflow, and perhaps some betterment of behavior in social media.

I am happy to have someone to refer to. A German who doesn’t shun the use of new technology, and shares his insights on usage for ones own good.

Europeans have blogs and the open source community to thank for knowledge transfer. Knowledge transfer is broken. Blame outdated OS. German television works hardest on helping the population with transformation. Its brilliant documentary films and imported tv entertainment do most of the work.
Alas, blogging is long exposed to its rescue. The world’s first tried and proven responsive operating system.



Illustrator Christoph Niemann