“What used to be the press is now the internet.”

—Tea Party Federation


The grassroot tea party movement in the US, seems to have less of an issue, with bringing old world strategies to the table with new world progressiveness, when it comes to creating a holistic online experience.

When making an impression with cinematographic imagery, sting & diddle, creating the concept of an enemy… is old world, then new world would be things like utility, actionable, dialogue embracing, use of social technologies and demonstrating open mindedness and transparency. Keeping an appearance and being real no longer contradict each other. The website, November is coming makes use of WordPress CMS, moving parts in the features strip are html5, not flash, swiping on an iPad is fully supported.

Best practice to look into for brand sites becoming increasingly static and stale like print. Active brands want to do their work. Think of automobile sites that need be dynamic. Perhaps something for Rachel Sterne and New York hackers to have a look at when reinventing NYC.GOV.


novemberiscoming.com combines an impressive user experience with social technology.