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Screenshots from the movie trailer. Visit the movie site here.



If you are like me, you didn’t much hold Richard Gere in high esteem more recently, his name simply slipped your mind. Right?
Watching the trailer of him starring in Norman, the moderate rise and tragic fall of a New York fixer may change all that.

This also brings to mind how rapidly hand-written fonts have invaded our lives. Why that is you marketers don’t need to know.

Its suffice and a time saver to know how it occurs[1. From Ana Andjelic I learned that asking why is useless and that witnessing what (they do) produces insights.].

Watching Apple trailers every 14 days produces more useful insights than keeping a tab on social media. It is far less annoying too.

Oh, and visiting MyFonts every now and then gives you designer an idea that brand can very well be characterised by typography and that there is more than making digital appear more human with handwritten fonts.