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Petra now wishes to develop a measuring aid for her food recipes in collaboration with Bret Victor, based on his tangle java script library

„The nomination is a much welcome opportunity and stimulus to further improve my culinary diary..

I want the recipe section to be smarter and improve the search for recipes.

I also wish to take recipes to a new level. Widely improve its usability with the introduction of Measurer.

Users can soon read the recipes according to the number of guests they are cooking for. Measurer will portion the ingredients of each recipe according to the number of guest my readers are serving. This should also make cooking easier on the money.

The technology needed, I wish to get from Bret Victor, he calls the library he has devoloped Tangle.

Thank you all for continued support and thank you lovely editors at Brigitte magazine. Please vote for me and ask your friends and family for support here‟.