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Berlin agency Heimat with new tv ad for Hornbach home improvement

One German ad agency that get’s into the fabric of things with amazing work for home improvement firm Hornbach.

I used to think, here we have tv ads made in Germany, with a better sense of social than social media.

First they stole like artists, the genuine yippie-yippie-yeah holler from when the American west was won, perfectly reflecting the hands-on, do-it-yourself, pioneers mentality of the home improvement customer, then they took it to the extreme and shook up the nation with the insanities that come with home improvement, getting guys like myself all excited, who never set a foot in the door of home depot or a home improvement store like Hornbach, and finally the co-founder of best known creative agency of record, Jung von Matt, Jean-Remy von Matt publicly named Heimat the best creative agency of this fine design nation.


Welcome home

A tweat for Guido Heffels the chief creative returning from shooting in Auckland with Czech director Martin Krejci and production company Stink.