Sochi, Black Sea

Sochi, Black Sea




[UT]maehsi from Garmany’s Unreal Team led by Zeisel, challenging champions the likes of Storm, Bugger, Carnegie, One, Ultrox, Cowbell and my good friend Stingray.



No Maehsi in Sochi?

It may seem like an entry not meant to be taken seriously but it is quite the contrary, a serious proposition to regroup the Olympic idea to integrate the potential of digital athletes

As long as the olympics claim to be all about bringing people of all nationalities together and claim of citius, altius, forties persists, digital athleticism provides a solution with greater potential and to a greater effect.

A digital sport such as Unreal Tournament aside from more popular yet less skill affording counter games have way more potential than does the olympic event to bring nationalities closer in every day life.

A glimpse at life in Sochi before the olympics swept in by Margaret Rhodes
Behind sochi’s futuristic logo posted by Jonathan Kolatch


Redesigning the olympics is a bit of a far fetch for now. We can do something of immediacy and good practicality from the ground up to get increase the popularity of UT99 and bring new visitors to our servers. Something for Beanie and Zeisel to get in touch with me about.