With a few symbols borrowed from the hipster movement, the band appears more responsive toward the next generation.
Parodont Zahnfleischpflege Gel zieht seien Merkmale konsequent durch Widerholung durch und schafft den Wiedererkennungswert eines ansonsten recht trögen Themas: Maddin und Markenfarbe.
Instant recognition via landing page: Parodont gingival grooming gel repeats its brand marks consistently and achieves recognition for an otherwise rather uninspiring product.: Spokesperson Maddin and consistent use of brand paint.

How would you do the advertising for a gingival grooming gel?

  • You introduce the brand to a broader audience and raise funds with an appearance on the German TV version of Shark Tank called Lion’s Den.
  • With the funds and help from the investor’s influence, you hire a spokesperson who has made a career out of his appearance with a mouth like an open barn door and teeth of an upset donkey attacking: Welcome Maddin Schneider, a Hessian stand-up comedian who gets his audience laugh out loud with a move of his jaws.
  • With a local budget to introduce the brand, you best stick to the few memorable elements you’ve got for your communication and their repetitive distribution: your hilarious Hessian, hipster graphics all painted consistently in your brand paint.
  • You take it from there with a small, agile team