Das komplette Werkzeug für die Handhabung von Benachrichtigungen direkt von Ihrem WordPress Dashboard aus.

Launch of a dedicated, responsive website for the wordpress newsletter plugin.



Das Newsetter Plugin

In times of lack of orientation, a clean website design with attention to the needs of visitors comes as a relief.




Free – Blogger – Premium pricing.



With a steep learning curve following my decision to being a hacker, I placed my bets on Newsletter only recently, after I had been banging my head at MailChimp for one too many nights. That said, MailChimp‘s support is prompt, friendly and on their toes.

People who want to get started with a newsletter and growing a readership of their own, are bloggers and they’ll have two tasks at hand, that of installing or fine tuning their blog template or theme and that of setting up a newsletter procedure to work seamlessly with the chosen design.

Commentaries about MailChimp, the popular professional design and send mail service, indicate chimp to be overly complex and complicated to set up and perhaps TinyLetter would have been a better choice.

However I picked Newsletter, a wordpress plugin that offers set up straight from the dashboard for which I can use my elementary knowledge of html.

I was now banging my head to set up the newsletter plugin and installing the theme without the aid of a hired hand. I was helped in unexpected ways, by both, theme and plugin developers joined by a third party, Giuseppe Salerno the designer of the webfont I was using.

If at all, I send friends, family and clients a greeting card at seasonal occasions by way of long-proven postal office on the overland delivery route.

For contract work, or you people who aim at building a relationship with adored peers and collaborators you discovered on the web and have come to trust, how would you go about it?

I follow trough on how they (Neil Perkin, Bud Caddell, Maria Popova, Rob Hope, James Bridle, Austin Kleon -or- who ever you pay attention to) do it. With a difference, I use Newsletter for notifications, not MailChimp or TinyLetters, and for now it’s about automation of existing content as a service for clients.

WordPress themes developed by Rob Hope have in common with Stefano Lissa’s plugin to be suitable for reselling. Both can be customised through the dashboard with no coding knowledge, both are designed with the utmost of care and empathy for the user. Both can profit from further continuous simplification and fine tuning.

Visit the Newsletter Plugin site.