WordPress 5.5

As if pandemic restrictions weren’t enough, you, adored reader and I, must be patient with our digital life as well. Instead of adding to the spread of anger and disappointment, we remain confident and know it to be for the better.

Nothing wrong with wordpress 5.5. What caused your site to break was deliberately done.

You are using a theme that wasn’t updated or plugins that weren’t yet updated to 5.5. That means the developer wasn’t informed, or didn’t take note early enough to get her theme or plugin 5.5 ready.

Look for plugins declaring one of the following:

  1. Tested with 5.5
  2. Tested up to: 5.5
  3. Compatible up to 5.5

Here’s a filter that let’s you check for 5.5 ready plugins.

Both, standard user and developer must be informed by way of an early enough notice in the admin area linked to detailed instructions/information elsewhere.

So yes, you missed some notices weeks ago, meant for developers elsewhere on the web. Notices you would never dream of looking for or deliberately checking into. Notices that apparently declared that something called the jquery-migrate 1.4.1 script needs be removed without substitute. Thereby telling you to make sure you are only using plugins updated to 5.5.

Nothing wrong with WordPress on which this site runs, what didn’t work out so well with 5.5 is, that many of the plugin developers we relay on heavily and can’t thank them enough for their amazing work, could not manage to update their plugins on time to work with WP 5.5. Same with any theme your site relies on.

One page

I am lucky though since this site uses my all-time favorite Clutterless theme from Rob Hope. It’s from 2017 and works like a charm with 5.5. The one and only thing missing in Clutterless is support for wide and full width.

How to move on with 5.5 in keeping your site completely intact with plenty plugins in use

  • Make a list of plugins you are currently using
  • From that list periodically check each plugin for being updated to 5.5
  • Add a checkmark on the list for those that have been updated
  • Remind plugin devs to update and ask for an aimed for date
  • In the process you may notice plugins not really needed, remove them

Again here’s a filter that lets you check for 5.5 ready plugins to cross of on your list.

No need to switch to another theme if it’s 5.5 ready. You’ll know when all your plugin 5.5 readiness have been taken care of. You’ll know immediately when you add a new post or edit one —and no: “This block has encountered an error and cannot be previewed.” pops up.