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Neues Zeugs (new stuff):

  1. Responsive template based design
  2. Off-the-shelf content management system (CMS)
  3. Sorted goods offered ie. content or product
  4. Socially enabled
  5. Return on investment measured in real time
  6. Risk reduced DIY marketing at affordable costs
  7. Dynamic – continuouly updated components (plugins)



Of no news to you, these are thoroughly tested means and measures from the blogosphere. They however have yet to be discovered by those who would benefit the most, family run- and micro businesses.

Businesses and politics in Europe, even worse the German advertising trade press are in denial of a global web standard and responsive open systems.

Politics, businesses and education want to take on the speed of the 21. century with their outdated, lame systems.

Two business models that make a fortune with hopelessly outdated systems:



SAP u. 1&1[column width=”45%” padding=”5%”]

Cheap offers that make maintaining your website hell for blue eyed small businesses and individuals.

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complex custom build trade solution from the nineties.




German celebrity blogger Nico Lumma documents with the launch of NZ, just how family- and small businesses can enter the market even with a wide variety of goods and make for a clean, very user friendly, lasting impression with the aid of responsive, theme based design and off the shelf software at very low cost.

True and tried for large corporations as well, even though they can afford a hand-coded web presence, it will likely be of no match to the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of off-the-shelf that hans been tested by many and optimised for just as many years. Proprietary stuff has been stuff of the past for quite some time.


Business owners who wish they had help with determining just the right set of tools for brand site, please send mail to me with some of your URLs listed and a brief of what the issue may be. Thank You.