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Neue Newsweek.com von Agentur Huge

New Newsweek.com. Redesigned by New York agency Huge.

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Panet PjongYang

Paper edition, i.e. Planet PjongYang remains despite earlier reports of its demise.




Captive to a monster



In sharp contrast to the German online dessert, the online world back home is relentlessly at work with shining beacons that make the net more elegant and more efficient.

Experience the new Newsweek.com, whose offline origins past autumn where reported to end after 80 years.

My dear Swabian friend, pointed at how discretionary Germany would go about its innovations at the very disadvantage of knowledge exchange.


BETTER WORLD A climate of agreement

Better World column.



Newsweek.com flips the page and offers positive insights, contrasting conversion driving dark headlines with its column of a better world

Blue eyed, naive? Huge’s design aims to bring print mag qualities like cohesion and curation to the web.

Germany then must commit to going all the way, until then the German nation of post thinkers and poets grows dumber every single day.