Full blow, more direct German version of Paypal tv ad puts focus on "The new money is here!"

Full blow, more direct German version of Paypal’s tv ad,
keeps its focus on the majestic “The new money is here!” claim.



The New Money is Here!

“Key visual” of the German PayPal website





new money is here

“The New Money is Here!”

World class claim




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New money is here
When I first saw the the bold yellow type claiming “The new money is here!”, it instantly struck me that this must be the most impactful, far reaching, disruptive and relevant headline in recent times.

Aside from the claim made, that here it is the new money for the new age, I didn’t feel the execution concentrated as it should on its bold, disruptive message, but the ad went on explaining. It began explaining things I didn’t need to hear since I was already sold on the idea that here it is, the new money for the new age. Based on having been pre-sold by Josh Reich, founder and CEO of Simple, that what we need is banking not banks.

And as we seem to know, explanations are an indicator for failure.

For more than twenty years none of the great disruptors ever explained what they were doing. Google didn’t tell you what their homepage was about other than presenting the Google logo and an input field, now did they? And others followed until one day it also became fashionable, especially for start-ups, to provide insight on why they do what they do.


New money is here