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Mini skirts



American Apparel product documentation and print ad.

American Apparel product documentation and print ad.



An informative report on American Apparel is hard to find. Much like an interview with Sasha Grey is hard to find, with an interviewer, not totally screwed by her background in porn.

Why should it be any different with Pauline Thierry’s AA report in the German edition of Huffington Post?

I don’t see American Apparel, it’s the reporting on American Apparel I see at a new low.



Maks – the girl from Dakar you see in the ad (above to the right) – is as Made in America as American Apparel. Her unabashed nudity is a tacit reminder—this is what American Apparel looks like. This is what our fantasy of what Made in Bangladesh looks like. Not a poor, underpaid, overworked young woman making you a $5 shirt for 30 cents an hour…”





With its product documentation and ad campaign, American Apparel disrupts glossy pictures and parrot bird make-up in the fashion industry and replaces it with normcore, blunt women in their every day environment. For sure this contributes to efficiency in getting the shooting done in the able CEO’s view, who values vertical integration.

AA’s creative director Iris Alonzo explains the campaign.

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