Merkel-Steinbrück #TVDuell



That’s the only kind of new there is.

Unlike used, old, established, tested, discarded or broken, new is always temporary.

Tomorrow, we start over and you get another opportunity to do something new if you choose to.

Is there any other market that open?


New for now is the live tv confrontation with Angela Merkel and Peer Steinbrück, competing for the German Chancellor office. In a few minutes you’ll be witnesssing if incumbent Merkel gets pulled into owever inconsiderate semantic sophistry by Steinbrück or if she can stay true to herself with the foresight and posture to direct her words to return the aimed for results to serve her country as chancellor perhaps better than what any of her predecessors have achieved before her.

New for now are first however small signals of creating new meaning for what the world perceives as German Design Nation based on dead engineers, dead poets and dead thinkers: