Job interview with Adrian Monk

Monk TV Series ad
Monk TV Series ad

Interviewee: How about the work hours?

Interviewer: 9 am.

Interviewee: For how long?

Interviewer: Until one of us dies.

What is motorcycling

Magic hour Harley-Droga5

While personal liberation certainly isn’t a new theme for Harley-Davidson advertising,
Droga5 brings a new level of surreal artistry to the theme.

While a detached voice pleads a rider to return to the digital matrix of complacency
Droga5 saves you from negativity in the final 10 seconds of this Harley Davidson ad.

Mitch Reamesreview honors Droga5’s new work for their Harley Davidson account. The direction advertising has taken with its storytelling and emotionalizing has made a u-turn from supporting sales.

Jägermeister’s product design for Cold Brew is aimed at dissolving into behavior

Product Design
Jägermeister Cold Brew

The wished-for behavior1 is to change society’s associations with the iconic licorice-flavored amaro. It sure doesn’t hurt sales to be celebrated at frat parties on college campuses across the country. From Jäger-bombs to shots, the liquor is arguably less known for its complex flavor profile than it is for its party vibes2.

The world-famous herbal liqueur Jägermeister continued the innovation strategy with Jägermeister Cold Brew Coffee and started with its  introduction in USA, UK and Duty Free. The world’s most successful premium liqueur with its 56 herbs, blossoms, roots and fruits is slowly and masterfully composed to perfection with cold brewed Arabica coffee and a hint of cocoa3.

So there, when the party vibes dissolve into a full-blown hang-over the very same brand awaits you the next day with its antidote Cold Brew Coffee in a beautiful hip bottle designed by German Studio Oeding in Hamburg.

What a treat for your gentrified Hipster surroundings.

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What is Parasite


Nerdwriter’s video essay serves as a visual synopsis of what the Korean movie that won the Oscar 2020 best picture is all about, even though it is not even in the English language. Something the trailer would not accomplish.

Push the play button above if you want to know what Parasite is about. The trailer won’t tell you.

Parasite movie poster

Some of it is way over my head but it does tell what the film is all about. Personally, I despise design explanations as we have come to know Apple’s Jonathan Ive (now with his own company LoveFrom) tell them in much-adored low-tone poetry.

We’re all trapped where we are is the moral of Bong Joon Ho’s Parasite. Those born poor will die poor just like those born rich will die rich. So much about economic mobility.

Economic immobility is the new normal.

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