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Even in the face of adversity, we have to deal with everyday life. So why not look at it every day through a vignette taken from The Adventures of Tintin?

Welcome to my home office
Respect for all those who work in hospitals and emergency services. #applauseforhealthcare bravo for the support of the population who applaud them every night without fail.
Think before kissing. If you’re called upon to assist some of your love ones, avoid the hugs! #NotReadyForHugs
“When we return to normal life, everything will begin from start.”—German epidemiologist Martin Eichner
Source: Federal Health Ministry of Germany

German epidemiologist Martin Eichner1 thinks that even though when we manage to keep the curve flat we will still just keep pushing the curve before us. And that when we return to normal life, everything will begin from start.

Interval infection

Until we succeed in getting ¾ of the population infected to develop immunity we won’t reach the point at which we’ll return to normal life. Martin Eichner suggests a strategy much like feasting intervals. By selecting groups such as schools to become infected under control one may succeed in getting three-quarters of the population infected and immune.

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Bloggers struggle with pandemic

Add to the corona noise or hold of?
Nicely done, IKEA (HT @DanCall)

If you do one thing this week… Well. Fish Food has been on an unscheduled mini-break for the past couple of weeks. A good part of the reason behind this is because I’ve had to be focused on trying to reinvent my business from the ground up, since the vast majority of it has always been face-to-face (yikes).

But If I’m honest it’s also because I’ve struggled to know how to respond to what’s going on. My default has always been to write-my-way into understanding something but I’ve found even that hard to do. How do you makes sense of it all? Where do you start? What do you share? In some ways I’d like to steer clear of sharing more stuff about the outbreak but how can you not talk about it? It’s just so all-consuming.

So I decided to stick to what I know and share the things that I found to be most helpful, hopeful and the odd thing that made me laugh or pause for thought. Inevitably this is dominated by one topic, but I hope that what I share here fulfils that criteria for you too.

Stay well everyone.

Neil Perkin
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Why pigeons now come to your backyard, courtyard and onto your balcony

pigeon (source: punkt.ch)
Source: punkt.ch

With empty streets during the corona curfew, there are no people snacking on their way to work or dropping croissant and cone crumbs while at the boardwalk cafés. Coney Island and amusement parks have closed down. No visitors to snack cracker-jack from at your local zoo either.

Pigeons and sparrows are starving and are taking it to the backyards, courtyards and balconies. At least that’s what we’ve got to deal with over in Europe where pigeons ride the subway to find food.

“Empire State of Mind”. Your Sunday song.

Jay-Z feat. Alicia Keys ~ Empire State of Mind

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