Wallmart with today’s direct mail targeted at visually perceptive recipients

Newsletters and newsletter startups these days are like mushrooms in an open field after a good spring rain.

Craig Mod

The influential power of blogs and blogging in their haydays a decade ago is now being complemented or even replaced by direct mails and subscription services.

Storybook advertising for Europe

Concept and Design: Simone Cihlar, Claudia Rafael, unfun.de and Maurice Ernst
UX/Programmierung: unfun.de

Austrian Band “Bilderbuch1)English translation: Storybook” needed to promote their new album Vernissage My Heart. They needed an idea different from announcing their new album, since the album release was to be expected at around this time, so came up with an idea that does, as Gareth Kay had coined participation mareketing decades ago.  An idea that dissolves into behavior and gets people become active. The idea of having people do their own European passport went viral and had high ranking German politicians get their European passport done online, simply by uploading their picture. Paticipation marketing at its best.

Vernissage my heart | Bilderbuch

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1. English translation: Storybook

Karl Lagerfeld is dead

Karl Lagerfeld © Michel Stoupak/NurPhoto/Getty Images
© Michel Stoupak/NurPhoto/Getty Images

W+K empathically aims for grown-ups with Milka’s dark chocolate in la la land

A young man falls in love with a new fellow-worker. With all the exuberance and impatience of fresh feelings he inadvertedly spins the wrong factory wheel. An accident and Milka famous milk chocolate turns into dark chocolate: Milka Dark Milk.