Fruits of the world in danger

No. 1, The Orange Glen Baxter $150

Much of the same girl, very little product and an unnoticeable new logo

Cara Delevingne

The only storytelling advertising
tells these days

Not only is the ad industry’s recommended emotionization the secret sauce that helps the far right gain power, it also causes a decrease in useful information about the product advertising helps to sell.

What about the new VW logo?

Source: The newswheel.

Same as before but with a difference, both the iconic “V” and “W” are somewhat thinner with a wider gap between their vertical alignment.

Original VW Logo-Ventilator

The first Volkswagen logo included the iconic V and W, plus a radial design many compare to a pedestal fan.1)Source.

Nazi VW Logo

The wings of the logo were removed before WWII began for a more concise appearance, leaving the gear-like circle.2)Source.

WWII VW Emblem

When the Nazis were defeated and the British took control of the company, the black-and-white colors were inverted and gear cogs removed to make the logo look less like the Nazi flag3)Source.

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A word to the wary copywriter

Print ad promoting the use of insurance professionals from The American College of CLU & ChFC. The add appeared in Time Magazine in August 1987. Illustration: Edward Gorey.

Where this came from it said:

“Often, Edward Gorey’s illustrations for advertisements have little or no direct relationship to the product they promote, and require a leap of the imagination to make the connection. This disjointed ad has a layout that is visually confusing and leads one to surmise that the art director was simply a fan of Mr. Gorey’s work and wanted to get him to do an illustration. The drawing itself, when freed from the constraints of encroaching type, appears to be a typical evening of two people playing cards with a cat resting at their feet. The enormous fan, along with the tag line, “Thomas trusted his mother ,but he always cut the cards” provides the humor to the scene.”


Frankly, I couldn’t agree less.

20 second tvc. Determination does it.

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