You die more than just your life

Print Ad

“Every year on the third Sunday of November, the thoughts are with those who died in traffic.”
“Every year on the third Sunday of November, the thoughts are with those who died in traffic. Hamburg’s agency,  Scholz & Friends contibuted  this print ad to be published in major German newspapers on Nov 18” -Maximilian Flaig/WuV
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“Endorphinmachine”. Your Sunday song.

Prince via
Prince via
Mayte Garcia ( dancer)
Sonny Thompson (bass)
Morris Hayes ( key)boards
Tommy Barbarella ( keyboards)
Michael Bland (drrums)

Time to get out


In Treffen über Treffen fest sitzen? (Berghaus/VCCP)
Stuck in meetings about meetings?
Damit begonnen in Instagram-Filtern zu träumen? (Berghaus/VCCP)
Starting to dream in Instagram filters?
Can’t decide which emoji to use?

With the help of VCCP/London, Berghaus has released a campaign to disrupt the all too usual noise brought on by modern day disruptors. The ads feature a series of oil paintings by up-and-coming British artists. Calm landscapes are juxtaposed with humorous taglines about photo filters and pointless meetings. Moments of relatable ridiculousness where we feel like we have lost all perspective with the wild relief of the outside.

Back to the landline phone

All want back

$199 Portal und $349 Portal Plus von Facebook
Facebook’s $199 Portal and $349 Portal Plus

Back home to make your calls from within the comfort and privacy of your home with distinctive voice quality and visual contact. The device is always on and the camera follows the caller, so the microphone is directed at the caller. All participants must be on Facebook, which cuts your phone bill down. Ditch privacy previously mentioned.

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