Gifts earn friendships and money

Sales promotion preferably includes branding

Field Notes Valentines heart made of give aways

Get a special Red Clic Pen free with every purchase on Valentines Day at Field Notes. Should their sales promotion fail Field Notes will still strengthen its brand and raise awarenes with the distribution and display of its heart shaped give aways. The qualitiy of the creative idea suggests the high qualtiy of Fild Notes products.

Even though the lack of quality of the cheap clip pens contradicts that of the brand but it’s forgiven. Even what a brand is pardonned for contributes to strengthening the brand.

Budet brands won’t succeed in such a branding scheme, but it won’t harm their sales promotion either. Budget brands draw bargain hunters delighted by anything at no charge.

Valentine changes

This changes everything

Good news for McCann

Michael Roth Credit: Composite by Ad Age, Photo by Denis Doyle/Bloomberg
Michael Roth Credit: Composite by Ad Age,
Photo by Denis Doyle/Bloomberg

Future quarters, though, will reflect the loss of major accounts at the end of 2018 — notably McCann’s loss of the U.S. Army account and UM’s loss of Fiat Chrysler’s media account.

Nebia, the inventive, watersaving, atomised shower

Branding by way of inventivness

Nebia Duschkopf 2
Nebia shower 2.0. (Mark Wilson tried it.)

You can name the brand and product name of your vacuum cleaner, the Dyson V10, but you have no clue about what shower you are using.

That will likely change with the Nebia shower 2.0. They listened and now you can take real hot showers. It looks great, get it in matte black or white. It drenches you completely while saving up to 65% on water and is mounted in minutes, they say.

Product, product, product. Nebia demonstrates best practice for marketers on how to get into the conversaton with design and marekting focused product and social goodness (save water, affordable pricing) in an overlooked corner of home appliances.