The organ donation joke that’s hurting German parliamentarians

“The good news is he donated his organs to peanut butter.”
“The good news is he donated his organs to peanut butter.”

Ready for some bad news?

The German parliament on Thursday voted against a proposal by Health Minister Jens Spahn that would have made it easier for authorities to collect organs of people who die in Germany, where only 36% have an organ donor pass. In 2018 only 955 people donated organs in a country of more than 80 million people, according to the Health Ministry.


Illustration: John Adams for the New Yorker Magazine.

Rough Trade’s album of the month

The Big Moon ~ Your Light

The Big Moon ~ Your Light

Eventually it turns out an indicator in the midst of unfounded superlatives of tiresome tendencies to find anything more normal as more exciting. And there he is, a dear companion of my decades overlapping hipster music escapades.

You don’t want to hear it ~ Ron Sexsmith

Google’s new search results design

There’s something strange about the recent design change to google search results, favicons and extra header text: they all look like ads, which is perhaps the point?

Craig Mod

Real cows by Milka

Bildschirmfoto aus Milka Werbung Anfang 2020.

Once upon a time, Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam created a tender fairy-tale campaign for Mondelez’s Milka chocolate brand. I can’t believe that the above ad could possibly be by W+K. Aren’t they also handling Dairy products and wildlife conservation don’t taste better together. Or have W+K succumb to the sweet temptation of satire or cynicism. I don’t think so. The purple chocolate in one hand and ‘The End of Evolution’1 in the other. I don’t think so.

  1. Should the extermination of species and overpopulation progress, life on earth will become impossible. The German scientists Matthias Glaubrecht explains in great detail in his new book. []

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