“This letter”. Your Sunday song.

Belle & Sebastian ~ “This Letter”
Days of the Bagnold summer ~ Belle & Sebastian

Especially fitting cover art from a series of uniquely Belle & Sebastian branded album covers.

Haribo kid voices leaves campaign path to introduce the best idea ever

~ At the farm ~

Farmer explains mono culture plan. Farmer 2 excited: “The best plan ever!”. After a short pause: “But we could also plant some red ones.”

Haribo and London agency Quietstorm temporarily leave the campaign path (that of proving the brand’s claim with its ads1) for the best idea ever (German market only):

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  1. Proof of claim []

Harry speaking French is what I’m living for*

Gucci Mémoire d’une Odeur

*Catherine Laurencia, YouTube comment

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German world-class ad to succeed in cramping claim and client-facing communication into one execution

Proof of claim
~ At the library ~
Quiet Storm London

Another most immediate, inherent, creative execution of Haribo‘s famous claim: “Kids and grown-ups love it so”.

Students and their professor are playing with food in an academic setting of their university’s library with excited, squeaky whispering voices. A library clerk checks up on the noise but instead of scolding she joins in and pretends to drink a gummi bear (the aforementioned food) The final exchange of words goes something like so:

He: “I can’t even read yet.”
She: “Me neither.”

light lesss.co learnings