“A song called Cling Film.” Your Sunday song.

Cling Film

Cling Film directed by Mike Ahern, D.A.D.D.Y

“Cling Film” ~ David Kitt




What good it was

 I know you don't believe me, but rap used to be really good




You’re confused when you’re hungry

Online banner ad done right

Ein Snickers zum Preis von zwei

One for the price of two

You're confused when you are hungry

You’re confused when you are hungry

John Denver

When you click on the ad you are being asked if you are ok.
Obviously you’re too hungry to spot a bad deal.

Read in full by David Griner



Deprived of any illusion by a German insurance company

The odds that at 65 you’ll inherit a Sicilian baroque castle are zero percent.



The odds that your boss will transfer you to the Maledives are zero percent.



The odds that your son will struck oil in your backyard are zero percent.

Allianz und TBWA seem to be in touch with the inner makings of potential policy holders, perhaps by having been observant of their own experience. Best practice and good luck for you.