“Love is everywhere (beware)”. Your Sunday song.

Wilco anuncian Ode to Joy, su primer álbum de estudio en tres años
Wilco is back. Photo: Annabel Mehran
wilco ode to joy

Ode to Joy – Wilco’s 11th studio album – will be released Oct. 4, 2019 via dBpm Records. You can receive the the first single from the forthcoming release instantly with any preorder via https://wilcoworld.net/otj/

“My comfort level with being vulnerable is probably my superpower,” wrote Jeff Tweedy in his blunt 2018 memoir, Let’s Go (So We Can Get Back).

Marc Hogan, July 16, 2019

Anders Norén releases free Chaplin theme designed for block editor so you always get a good idea of the end result when creating content


Anders Norén has released Chaplin, his 20th free WordPress theme, designed specifically for use with the block editor. Chaplin could be loosely described as an agency or business style theme but the capabilities of the block editor enable users to create advanced page layouts that would suit many different types of websites.

Sarah Gooding

Besides delivering some of the very best designed, no-nonsense free themes for Wordpress users, the real question is how much WYSIWYG you get in your edit view.

With 80 users, 51 of whom are active, Darius Kazemi has established his own private Idaho for handpicked campers

Social Media

Your very own social media network, what is it good for when the general discourse of your family and friends is alredy taking place on Facebook?

With friend.camp, a proprietary, personal social media network, Kazemi has enabled a handpicked group of campers, a not to be disturbed instance for particular people to congregate by way of web.

During his apprenticeship at Mastodon he has put together instructions on how to build a social media network which he kindly keeps up-to-date.

An open invitation for you and anyone with a need for particular people to congregate and detailed “run your own social” instructions to provide undisturbed space, according to your very own code of conduct.

In contrast to the horizontal orientation of Facebook (& Co)1)Facebook gets its $5 billion slap on the wrist. Now will it change its ways?It’s the FTC’s largest fine ever. But for Facebook, is it enough to make a differerence?, Kazemi suggests a vertical space and instance on the web for any sort of sharply defined shared interests, be it for trade, personal, communal or commercial use. To keep it under control, Kazemi says to keep it at 50 to 100 users or lose control as Facebook, Twitter lost control.

With larger numbers of participants you can’t keep bad actors out.

An instance appropriate for association affairs, starting a gang, rod and gun clubs, small town community centers, fun loving criminals, terrorist groups or any vertical interest constellation whose accession may not be everyone’s business.

Keeping social media under control with more than 50-100 users. Why not billions of users?

This is cool. You can keep bad actors at bay and follow Kazemi’s experiment with as many users as Facebook but with a difference.


It’s not Kazemi or an individual playing with the idea, it’s an entire country. Think of countries with citizens who don’t feel constraint but free by following rules and laws. Germany with its lawabiding citizens being one.

Now extend that thought to Europe and have the European Commission maintain a Facebook of their own. Call it Euro.net with strict general data protection (EU regulations) at its core.

Self-actualization is a survival strategy

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1. Facebook gets its $5 billion slap on the wrist. Now will it change its ways?It’s the FTC’s largest fine ever. But for Facebook, is it enough to make a differerence?

“Old town road”. Your Sunday song.

Lil Nas X – Old Town Road (official movie)
featuring Billy Ray Cyrus

How “Old Town Road” became a lightning rod for race, the charts, and country music (Sheldon Pearce)