“Gold Digger.” Your Sunday song.

Kanye West Gold Digger

I remember giggling with happiness when I first heard “Gold Digger.” I was going down the highway at 80 miles an hour with the windows down, driving a friend of mine back from Sag Harbor on a Wednesday afternoon in the summer of 2008. She put this song on, and that was literally the first time I ever heard Kanye—I know that’s really embarrassing to say. I was like, “How did I miss this?”

For some reason, I always felt like I was too old for hip-hop. My mind was elsewhere. To the extent that I had listened to it, I listened to gangster stuff that was heavy and hard. At one point I got really interested in the L.A. riots, and I decided to listen to South Central hip-hop. It’s dark; it seemed even more depressing than the depressing music I normally like. And I couldn’t take the politics. I’ve been writing about race for a long time, and there was a heaviness to that angry hip-hop that I couldn’t escape. Then I heard Kanye and realized, “Oh, hip-hop can be hilarious and high-spirited.” It blew my mind. I brought this up with Rick Rubin, and he was like, “You know, Kanye would consider that song a throwaway. He didn’t think of it as a serious song.” Which is even better, like, even the stuff he doesn’t care about is that good.

Malcolm Gladwell on the music in his life

After 28 years of testimonial advertising, Haribo comes to reason

Boardroom (2017)
Bus Station (2019)

A most immediate, inherent, creative execution of the brand’s famous claim: “Kids and grown-ups love it so”.

The German version has only now been released for the German market, while other countries have been exposed to kids voices since 2017.

To help Haribo maintain its market leading position, we had to keep the brand mentally salient and emotionally relevant, reminding people why ‘kids and grown ups love it so’.

Quiet Storm

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Time is on your side, girl

“Ain’t no man.” Your Sunday song.

The Avett Brothers | Ain’t No Man