iPad Air

iPad Air in retail stores November 1. From $499.

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Paul McCartney Album „New”

Paul McCartney “New”

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Paul McCartney album „New” Deluxe edition

Paul McCartney “New” deluxe edition




Apple’s October event:

OS X Maverick is free of charge and immediately available from the app store app. So is a new version for OS X iWorks (Pages, Keynote, Numbers).

Tim Cook was more contained and less breathing his famous words (amazing, best, better) up your neck in a Jack Palance (Ripley’s Believe It or Not™) kind of way. He was almost bearable. 250 million sold iPads.

iOS and now also OS X UID is less brilliant then expected. The candy colours back then when the candy coloured iMac launched made John C Dvorcak announce: „You won’t get me to cross the street with the candy coloured laptop”

Jonathan Ive’s bling bling reminds me of that of Berlin fashion designer Harald Glöckner. I’m not a princess and won’t be turned into one.

On Apple’s website the type of the copy is no match for the new hair line thin headline type. Andrew Kim criticizes the execution here.


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