Netflix logo

New logo.



Netflix logo before and after.

Before. After.



It’s quite possible, that in the early 21st century, we get to continue, where the age of enlightenment left of in the 17th century.

Most every day another myth gets busted, along with the great industry ‘n’ politics swindle.


Times are a changing, when looking at the digital world, it occurs, that the people become all-knowing. As a marketer, I can no longer get away w/empty promises, since I am being exposed in real time.



Now inadvertence is at stake.



who what when where and why



People really want to know and brands have begun to pay attention to the last of the most important 5 Marketing laws: Start with why.

Along with netflix customers, Chris Matyszczyk (C|Net) and Mark Wilson (Fast Co.) would like to know why Netflix doesn’t want to talk about the new logo, they slipped in quietly. Where they more afraid of the wrath of customers as was the case with the new logo for GAP or fear of wrath by Jony Ive’s skinhead skeuomorph design haters?

The new flat design lost its ressemblance to classic film studios and the Hollywood letters in the hills.

More drama and mystery you ask? Now Mark’s source text has been removed from Fast Company’s CoDesign (evil laughter).

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