Don't touch this. It's mine. Can't seem to get the British Racing green right though.

Ford’s customizer beats car configurators

You can run away from most everything, but you can’t seem to run away from truth. Your brand essence that is. Team Detroit was right to ignore the call for sound economics and ecology responsibility. A little vroom vroom and the smell of burning tires brings back much of the mustang’s magic for me and I was raised on Ford Mustangs.

See for yourself


How does the customizer bring the magic back to the Ford brand?

Take the customizer for a spin and you’ll likely agree with me. You’ll get all excited in trying out different options in an surprisingly simple fashion based on nothing more than visual effects. Thus an unprecedented user interface with just the right stimulus, such as the burning rubber effect, changing the background, various perspectives…

I trust the somewhat reckless expectations of the prospective mustang driver are being met besides the checklist of new world success factors gets signed of:
☑ a reflection of the brand promise
☑ fully sociable experience
☑ makes sharing desirable
☑ consumer created content
☑ involving but not too involving


Battle Mode

Competing Customizers


You better slow your mustang down

How much good old irresponsibility comes into play? Run Sally run.

Mustang Sally von Wilson Pickett

Team Detroit and Firstborn return with a new Customizer website from Ford , which lets users design their dream Mustang.

An evolution of the original Customizer launched in 2009, the site lets you play with a Mustang V6, GT, Boss 302 or Shelby GT500.

The 2009 version of the Customizer, from Wunderman/Team Detroit and Firstborn, allowed visitors to collaborate with friends on design projects, by giving it a “video-game” feel.


via Creativity Online

Customizer website from Ford.