Supernormal in German music rocks



German music
as I have come to expect it



Sohnemann Heinz






Tut es doch weh



Have a listen. Good solid German rock music. You hardly notice you are listening to it. It’s special by not trying too hard to be special. It’s unique by not trying too hard to be unique. It’s supernormal.

And that is exactly what I find sensational about Turbostaat. Nothing special—nothing here tries to capture an audience’s attention with added layers. No effort is required to love it. The uniqueness is that you cant sense it being unique. It sounds and feels as expected or as we have ideally come to know it from good German rock music. Even the videos are non-disturbing as we have come to know them from garage bands. Not bad. Not really well produced either. Done. No need to wait for perfection to set it.