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Tv coverage "Red" on Pro7.

“Red” tv coverage by Pro7.



I'm your pusher. Super Danke!



Super Danke! 66 Türken Street

Munich, Bavaria, 66 Türken Street.




On Frankfurt’s hipster Berger Street, cupcakes move fast across the counter, in Munich’s Türken Street it’s smoothies. Faced with the decision, fashion -or- despair, most will go with fashion. Californication has arrived in Bavaria’s capitol. Super, thanks!



Einseiten Wunder

One Page Wonder

Munich’s dedicated smoothie bar has been welcomed with cheers from local newspapers and favorable PR. The website is rare best practice in Germany’s digital dessert. Global web standard, radical focus on one unique offering, it speaks to a demand that hasn’t been fully explored, yet accepts that the web is owned by sixteen year old teen girls. However it’s hand coded by Fantomas, it’s no off-the-shelf CM system, but lovingly reduced to the max, optimised for cell phones, not even the Apple Touch icon is missing.


Digital socialising isn’t handled by plug-ins -served up at no extra charge- as would be the case with theme-based design, rather the team at Superthanks decided to maintain their social efforts on Facebook.


Small businesses are advised though, to not place their socialising bets solely on facebook, but maintain their brand building chronicle on a website/blog-hybrid brand site they own.

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