Rise and shine for the solar driven EV
start-up in Munich, Germany

Driven by the sun, the Sono Sion EV is ready to hit the road in 2019.

Be ready to pre-order (Source)


In the wake of ever more consumers to follow the tendency to relieve their social conscience by way of ecologic and economic decision making, German Sono Motors were incredibly successful with the introduction of their solar powered electric vehicle. And they made it look real easy and fun.

It could make a splash with today’s high school graduates, who in sharp contrast to previous generations don’t leave their energy on disco dance floors, but apply purpose to their youthful energy on sustainable grounds and have something to look back to. Alfons Schuhbeck, a popular Munich cook and business man promised that there will always be a door that swings right open should all fail.

3206 reservations have already been received. That would be quite laughable, should the missing 1794 reservations not be placed with your help. Be it by telling your friends and family about the very affordable solar EV to get around with a good conscience. You can even make money of of it. But we get to that. The sun struck cool kids got this started with crowdfunding, now they need to pre-sell 5000 vehicles to stay in the cool.

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The Sion is is a solar powered EV. Solar cells load the vehicles batteries with the motor running or not. In addition to conventional loading of batteries.

It comes with a spacious cargo area for easy up- and unloading. A feature that rivals many small small- or mid-sized competitors.

Integrated Car Sharing

It’s what Steve Jobs might have introduced with “one more thing”. You can have the Sion work for you and earn some cash by making yours available to car sharing. An integrated part of the dashboard assists full circle, or use the app, which also opens the trunk on this hatch back and does other gadgety things.

German engineered car
Testdrive and Interview in German language.
Get an impression of this upbeat company anyways.