Cara Delevingne

The only storytelling advertising
tells these days

Not only is the ad industry’s recommended emotionization the secret sauce that helps the far right gain power, it also causes a decrease in useful information about the product advertising helps to sell.

What about the new VW logo?

Source: The newswheel.

Same as before but with a difference, both the iconic “V” and “W” are somewhat thinner with a wider gap between their vertical alignment.

Original VW Logo-Ventilator

The first Volkswagen logo included the iconic V and W, plus a radial design many compare to a pedestal fan.1

Nazi VW Logo

The wings of the logo were removed before WWII began for a more concise appearance, leaving the gear-like circle.1

WWII VW Emblem

When the Nazis were defeated and the British took control of the company, the black-and-white colors were inverted and gear cogs removed to make the logo look less like the Nazi flag1

2019 update. Now set in a circle, its more like most internet symbols in a circle. Think of profile pics, favicon… Cut-out in a black circle. Oh, and the Nazis are on the rise again.

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