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After French PSA Group took over from General Motors, the German automotive brand seems like it’s getting there. Much to my delight, MRM/McCANN are still at it. After Opel had switched their classic agency several times, Heimat Berlin now handles classic.

One pager

One pager

With #adamyourself, a one pager (I just hope it was powered by WordPress), MRM delivered impressive results. Way to go with user created content done right.


From my time at the agency more than a decade ago, I know for sure ‘user created content’ was brought up by Sean Condon[1. Sean is also the guy who kept saying, “We are getting there.”]. It just shows how long things need to evolve (or say, linger) before sophisticated execution sets in.

MRM supplied results

According to MRM’s website the campaign gained 7% brand uplift, which I assume, is the more serious achievement. Now that Opel can cuddle up under the wings of PSA Group, they are in no immediate threat for manufacturing plants to shut down as long as the numbers don’t drop dramatically.

And with help of Heimat playing the classic guitar, which may ever more gently weep, it’s time to take a closer look at what’s happening with branding.

A curiously potential coalition is forming in Europe.

A curiously potential coalition is forming in Europe.

Europe first (but not alone)

Think of the coalition that is taking place between France’s ambitious president Macron and German Chancellor Merkel. Now connect the dots with what is happening with the coalition between France’s ambitious PSA Group and Opel (Pace). Tab into digital advances and leave the big idea behind in favor of a long idea. Make it your digital agenda.

Opel ranks №4 of Germany’s most creative automotive brands

Opel is ahead of BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Mini, and Fiat.
According to a special evaluation of creative rankings for 2017, published yesterday by German advertising trade magazine Horizont.