Comic Sans vs Hand of Sean



Move over Comic Sans Sean's handwriting is hereComic Sans is a typeface for entering text into speech bubbles or for illustrating and writing graphic novels, it is also the most ridiculed font in the world.

Now there is an alternative, adding British cool, calm, collectedness to your doodles or for whatever purpose you see fit for this casual yet characteristic handwriting font and wish for making an authentic impression.

Sean Johnson created the typeface from his his own handwriting in 2008. The font was updated in 2013 with redrawn glyphs, improved spacing, better kerning and OpenType features. It supports more than 140 languages.

Hand of Sean $29 at MyFonts, the company that came up with `What The Font’, an idea that does¹ that allows art directors to experiment with brand names and claims with any available font at not extra cost.

¹„Ideas that do” was coined by Gareth Kay.