Yvon Chouinard


When you are wearing your underwear for 60, 70 days it’s time to change

Okay George you change with Phil, Phil you change with… Laughter

I am kind of a zen buddhist, in that I believe, that we are part of nature, we are not separate from it, and I don’t believe the world is flat or should be flat. You know I celebrate all the different cultures around the world. It is really sad to me to see we are losing one language per day. I believe in diversity, I think nature loves diversity, it doesn’t like homogenous society, it doesn’t like mono cultures, it doesn’t like mono crops.

If you compromise the process you are an asshole when you start and you are an asshole when you are finished.

A product is perfected not when you can’t add anything more to it, but when you can’t take anything away from it.

Think about quality. The best restaurants in the world are the 3 star Michelin restaurants in Europe and stuff. Imagine if you want to create the best restaurant in the world and you spend years getting that first Michelin star and then you work your bud off to get the second star. And then after many many years you get your third star. And then you say, I’ve done it, let’s put in 500 tables or put in 50 tables. There are no 3 star restaurants with 50 tables. If you really want excellence it has to be small.


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