Another Stumble for Spain’s King Juan Carlos

Another stumble for Spain’s king Juan Carlos



Thank you much for the most stumbled upon blog entries:



New classic advertising[column width=”70%” padding=”5%”]

I’ve developed a new philosophy…
Inside Auschwitz
Barbarian’s agency super desk
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Neue klassische Werbung[column width=”70%” padding=”5%”]

Ein Sinn mehr schadet nicht
Wanda Jackson
40 Jahre Musik Industrie
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Should the above comparison suggest that my English language marketing blog outperforms its German sibling, the contrary is true. I am happy to have the more consistent stream of visitors with greater density over the course of a day on the German language blog run out of the city of Munich. Ever since their redesign, I am relieved to enjoy an equally slow and steady growing stream of new visitors. Trending are sciences and the philosophies.