Louis Vuitton commercial from 2003, made by Takashi Murakami, directed by Mamoru Hosada. Amazing soundtrack.[column width=”47%” padding=”3%”]

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Photo Credits: Arrested Development


Turning Japanese I really think so

Superflat Monogram is a commercial from 2003.

And here is Kirstin Dunst as Akihabara Majokko Princess.

Quite something no?

Please note the panty shot.

Nakatsuru is the artist who did the monogram illustrations (he worked on Digimon adventure, 02, Tamers and Frontier, he is possibly the one who made the Xros wars designs) and the video was first exhibited at London Tate in 2009 opening Pop Life: Art in a Material World.

Directed by McG. Music: The Vapors.