Christopher Bailey introduces Burberry Acoustic

CCO Christopher Bailey bringing Burberry into the new world
Burberry Accosutic—Facebook




‘Idiot’ by Life in Film

Filmed exclusively for Burberry Acoustic at our store in Milan.




‘Young’ by Dog is Dead

Filmed in Lady Bay Park, Nottingham, July 2010.




‘City by the Sea’ by Good Shoes

Filmed in the band’s back garden in Morden, London, July 2010.




‘Burst its Banks’ by Kill it Kid

Filmed in Sydney Gardens, Bath, July 2010.




‘Leaps and Bounds’ by Acoma

Filmed in the band’s neighbour’s garden in Kilburn, London, June 2010.




‘In Your Arms’ by The Sunshine Underground

Filmed outside the band’s flat in Leeds, July 2010.




‘Back to Back’ by Wolf Gang

Filmed in an alleyway across the road from the band’s house in Kentish Town, North West London, June 2010.




‘Chemistry’ by One Night Only




‘Said and Done’ by Avius

Filmed on a rooftop in Kentish Town, North West London, June 2010.




‘Sinking Ships’ by General Fiasco

Filmed under a tree in Victoria Park, London, August 2010.




‘Alleyway’ by Ramona

Filmed on Regent’s Canal, East London, June 2010.