Photo from Joel Micah Miller's monumental photo documentary

Monumental. Photographs by Joel Micah Miller
Courtesy of Joel Micah Miller © 2011. All rights reserved.


Tomorrow at 7pm excerpts of Joel Micah Miller’s Monumental photos are shown at an opening in Berlin at Pavlov’s Dog, Bergstraße 19. A solo show is due in July by the Kunstverein Oberer Neckar. For those of you in Los Angeles, Clark | Oshin gallery is showing Joel’s work by end of month.

The Monumental project deals with events that occur in famous places.

Photographed in metropolises in Europe and the United States, Monumental analyses what happens in a popular space over a short period of time. The spaces are high profile locations selected for their nearly iconic level of recognition and number of eager visitors.

By seamlessly combining multiple exposures taken over the span of approximatley one hour, each detail is carefully selected to construct a dynamic image.