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“At MUMS we believe ‘gourmet’ can and should be for everyone, it doesn’t have to be all ‘poncey’ and value prices should never be an excuse to use inferior ingredients or to serve up microscopic portions, we know you know better and so do we. “


After 8 years of crowded lunch servings, Edinburgh’s Monster Mash eventually moved its core brand promise from mashed potatoes to the sausage

‘Excuse me waiter, my sausage looks pinkish’ Ah, yes indeed dear customer, at MUMS a pink sausage is the sign of a quality banger!

Excellent Cheeseburgers along Houston Street with Bob Crozier, kind London town invites by Matthew Mayes to a first tasting of terrible looking Brit sausages, and a visit of famous Monster Mash with daughter Elizabeth in Edinburgh left me with fond impressions on how food branding is done right.
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start with type

What to start your branding with. Start with type and small things such as the favicon.

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Mark Sargent at Mum's 2009

me at Mum’s in 2009



Mum’s know best

It should be easier to identify the brand pillars and what attributes are important for SMB’s and which to toss aside by sitting down with the brand or business owner and determine a fitting webfont first. Today her digital footprint allows for a more precise evalutation and is as reliable as personal interviews. As always the truth is somewhere in between.

So yes, your client’s digital footprint may be more revealing than knowing your client in person.


Assumption as valuable as fact

Big data may be valuable for some things, people however are a reliably irrational beast and taking that into account gets you results more easily.


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