Seth Goldman, Chef von Honest Tea.

Seth Goldman, Honest Tea cofounder and CEO.


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Captain of industry

captains of industry

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honest tea




Confirmed. What the beverages market needs now is another tea beverage. So why was honest tea welcomed by the market?

The concept of honest tea is easy, less sugar, more recycable.

When advertising was in its infancy, it’s purpose was to inform the public.

Ads were meant to inform and educate.

I like to think, the mission in the bottle is information transfer. And information transfer is all about how information gets transfered rather than what is being transfered.

Mission in a bottle (due out Sept. 3) offers the making of the story of honest tea as graphic novel and aims to be of guidance and an incentive for many start-ups to come.

A legitimate antithesis to “loyalty that goes beyond reason”. People need a rational to support their gut feeling when making decisions. With the ever increasing ecologic consciousness of the increasingly sophisticated consumer, this holds true with fast-moving consumer goods (fmcg) as well.

Steve Jobs knew all this, he also said: I”t’s not the customer’s job to tell you what they want.”


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