Bummer, the new BMW logo which so lovely represented the state of Bavaria with its white and blue sky colors. A fine tradition now lost in translation for the sake of mobility, which is what it’s meant to represent.

While it is a sad story to leave such an organic fit and fine tradition behind, the logo is very much a match for the approaching electric period absurdly coined mobility when batteries are certainly not known to die-hard.

BMW explains how they arrived at the radical new approach and why it was neccessary with: Not really a propeller. For the moment electric vehicles do appear as if they where concept designs we get to see at automotive shows that will never get built that way. Super luxury cars only a few can afford. However, I have one such e-vehicle from BMW parking at the load station across my street just now. It’s quite real and I wonder if it wouldn’t be a good strategy to build small cars we have come to love such as the Mini, the Beetle, even the BMW Isetta with electric technology until hydrogen proves them wrong.

Here are some examples of how the logo is being used

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