Give 'em enough rope

Give 'em enough rope
Clash album cover

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Allow me to steal London town, saville row tailor, Mr. Mahon’s wording for explaining the difference between a blog and a website as an introduction to something as complex and complicated as trying to pinpoint a minor flaw that eventually could decide over break and make of a promising start up with sound strategies and a new business model that makes VC’s drool. Here goes:

The main difference I think—between a success story in the making and a start up —it took me a little time to discern it. Apart from the obvious we know how they look and how they work. But basically a start up is an image and that’s open to the same problems that we all want a good image. So often we tell a half truth and like to dress it up a little bit. But a success story in the making to be successful has to be a—reflection, a true reflection. And if you look at the dictionary, there are big differences between image and reflection. And of course you gotta speak the truth in reflections. There is nothing being hidden and people see that about you and it shows.


Alas, for a start up in the post digital age to grow into a success story, a good story needs be told, and a good way to test for its campaignability is if it can be told in few sentences over the phone.



Sure enough I came across a line my smart, new friends are hiding somewhere in the copy of the executive summary V. 7. It goes:

Modded’s position is anecdotal to California’s gold rush: it wasn’t the miners who got rich–it was the people who sold the picks and shovels.

Unlike the never ending listing of reasons to believe that mean little or nothing to anyone outside of the b2b mindset or a venture capitalist minority, the gold rush anecdote makes associations spark with pictures, history books and stories any commoner is likely to pick up on and appreciate. For me the Clash cover with the Andy Warhol tinted cowboy in the sand sprung to mind and I can’t seem to get rid of him dying in the dust.

Does Modded want their communication to end with the b2b/venture capitalist mindset and fall short of being relevant to ad agencies, new talent looking for work, common people?
Of course not, Modded aims to place themselves smack in the center of all these different realms, much like I choose to sit at the center table of the restaurant of my choice.

What marketers, agencies, and technology providers have in common? They are all part of a big family involved in vanity fair. I keep waking up from a bad dream from the past, that of image being everything. Integrated marketing has always meant to me, finding the glue that makes all sorts of things come together and perhaps stick together.


Can it be modded?

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favicon modded

fabulous favicon

favicon modded shovel & pick

every little helps with telling the story, the genuine Modded logo however is here to stay

Here’s how to transform solid state strategy targeted at the venture capitalist and the old world technology provider into the more universal relevant set of the general public, incl. high brow lead agencies. With little effort and at little expense, the modded story now is relevant to all involved in the communication industries and eventually each and everyone in Marlboro country.


Modded: "We've got your shovels & picks"

Modded. A new breed digital development company


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Calling all 49ers


Modded's mineur prospectant






Suggested optimization


  1. Turn Facebook into our new business platform: Let’s be first to market with publicly pursuing new business opportunities. Let’s post readily available best practices we discover and point them out to suitable brands we wish to add to our client roster. We ask: Can it be modded?—Thereby suggesting modded as change advocat and leading digital developer to make change happen. Subsequent links to individual linkedin accounts are appreciated. Let’s not hide away with our discussions and correspondence behind firewalls. What else is there to talk about if not how new business is won?

  3. Move our brand website to WordPress: and make it entirely sociable with the least effort. As the thought leader you aim to be, I strongly suggest a curriculum column, drawing vistors from the Facebook new business platform [see item above].

  5. Adhere to IPA’s social media principles found here.

  7. Have all communication root in your brand story:
    • Either by way of asking: Can it be modded?
    • or by referencing variations of the anecdote to fit its context: “Modded’s position is anecdotal to California’s gold rush: it wasn’t the miners who got rich – it was the people who sold the picks and shovels.


  8. Launch an aggregator for ideas that do and help the industry with orientation around a modded collection of world best practices. Powered by modded. A collaborative effort with some of the industry’s finest ad agencies. Find more details here. The apps is built and can be launched at no costs, yet needs serious effort with promoting it, WOM and PR.