The summer of ’61 was the hottest on record for forty years. Not since the twenties had the townsfolk of Micanopy, FL been so persecuted by the southern heat.

The air went hot and thick to the in-breath and reports ran constant of the very young and old falling prey to the strokes of the sun.


Micanopy, Fl


It was as if the earth was testing its tenants’ strength – trying their fragility for the events to come.

And in the back of ever prayer’s mind was a counter wish:

“I pray for rain but not for a storm.

I pray for wind but not for a gale.”

Gainsville 8


Meanwhile back in England

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Daunt Books window display

24.05.12. The book launch of 'Beyond the wires' by Alys Jones and 'The Micanopy Murders' Book One by Elizabeth Blue at Daunt Books

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Daunt Books

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