I just caught this on German tv. A bystander responded to the moderators question: “Now that you are pointing at it, I too can tell the difference”.

In its subtlety, it must remind you brand advocates of Naoto Fukasama’s definition of ‘super normal’ by which design should not be noticeable as design but come naturally. By which it invites the next question:

Does the (no longer noticeable as design1) design dissolve into behavior, or does it, as in many cases of the current wave of new logo introductions, try to bring attention to a change without actual change in the behavior of said brand to more responsiveness or other hoped-for adjustments by the brand.

Former fierce
unite with shared
brand mark

Photo: Marius Becker/dpa

  1. Think of you watching an actor in a movie: She’s good at it even though you know she’s an actor you don’t notice her acting.[]